Let’s Talk About Pests

Many different types of pests are invading homes across North Carolina. But why are pests targeting our homes? And what are the different ways these pests can enter our homes?


Why Do Pests Come Into Our Homes?

Most animals invade our home because they need shelter, food, and water. These items are found in all homes and if access is attainable, pests will take advantage. Once a pests gets access to your home, if there presence is not noticed, they could stick around for months, or even years.

How Do Pests Get Into Our Homes?

Your chimney is one of the main ways an animal can get into your home. Raccoons and squirrels typically enter your home through your chimney. Bats tend to enter that way also, and when they do, they might stay in your chimney and live there. Its important to have a cover over your chimney to prevent these animals from entering your home.  Roof vents are another entryway that pests see as an open invitation into your home in the wintertime because of the warm air coming from them. The warm air attracts pests towards the vent, and they can get into your home through the vent. Having your roof vents covered with a roof vent guard will help prevent this.

What to Do?

If you hear something making noise in your attic or if you smell urine coming from your air supply registers, there could be a pest’s infestation in your attic. The best thing you can do at this point is to contact a pest control company and have them locate and remove the pests. Also, remember to have all vents on your home covered to help prevent pests from getting back into your home.




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