How to Change a Furnace Filter

Keeping your filters changed is important for a furnace to run properly and efficiently. Many people don’t know about the importance of this detail. A dirty clogged filter can restrict airflow in your HVAC system, making it work harder to heat/cool your home. This will lessen your system’s efficiency and cause a higher utility bill. Your system can also be completely damaged due to a dirty filter. If  you need to know how often you should check your filters, how often you should change your filters, how to locate the filters, and how to change your filters, Gain Inspect has you covered.


Check your filters monthly

Checking monthly will keep you on top of always keeping a fresh filter in your system and getting its best performance. When you can visually see dust, dirt and pollen built up on the filter, it’s time to replace.

How often should I change my filters?

The first thing you should do is check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. But typically, a basic filter will need to be changed every one to three months.

Where are my filters located?

Furnace filters will be in one of two places. The most likely spot to find the filter is at the furnace right before the blower. If your filter is not located in the furnace, then check around your home for a big return grill, usually located in the hallway on the ceiling or wall. There could be more than one return grill.

How do I change my filters?

Checking your furnace manufacturers instructions will give you the exact steps on how to change your furnace filters. Here are some typical steps on how to change your furnace filter:

  • Turn off your furnace
  • Remove the service panel
  • Slide out the old filter
  • Insert the new filter
  • Turn your furnace back on

For visual instructions, check out this video:


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