Historic Homes Are Cool But….

Historic homes are cool but, it’s important to understand issues that could come up with an older home when you are planning to purchase one so that there will be no surprises down the road. The materials that were used and the way things…

Signs of Basement Leakage to Watch For

Leaking basements is not something that’s surprising when found during a home inspection. It’s a common problem. You can predict that all basements will leak at some point. It’s important to know how water is entering your basement when…

Seven Natural Enemies To a Roof Covering

SUN The constant exposure to ultra-violet radiation degrades organic ingredients in roof coverings. The covering heats up and dries out over and over again. Too much sun on wood roofs dehydrates the shingles, causing them to become brittle. Thermal expansion and contraction can destroy adhesion materials in asphalt shingles, for example, and cause cracking in other roofing materials.